The Artificial Intelligence Student Collective

Creating a Future of AI Literacy for All.

The AI Student Collective is a global network of student organizations dedicated to providing accessible AI literacy through pre-professional programs and events. The Collective will work to create a more equitable future in AI by leveraging industry connections to elevate student experiences and provide exciting professional development opportunities. Each year will be marked by high-impact events, such as a symposium and product competition, as well as local opportunities such as resume workshops, code-alongs, and corporate mixers. 

Our branches will also be partnering with local high schools to serve as mentors for the community and offer educational content and scholarship opportunities to younger students.


We currently have branches established at UC San Diego and UC Davis. In the coming years, we have plans to expand to more schools across the globe!

If you’re interested in joining an existing branch or setting up a chapter in your area, reach out at!

National Programs

High School Initiative

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