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Identifying Bias in HR Recruiting By using NLP to find successful phrases
and key words in CVs, we hope to reveal the
depth of bias in the recruitment process.
Recognizing Skin Disease on Different Skin Tones To avoid the lack of diversity in many medical texts, we're developing a framework that can accurately diagnose people of color. Get involved Analyzing Web Design We're developing a model to identify successful parts of a website's design and give suggestions to improve. Get involved

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By joining a Humans for AI project, you will have the chance to connect with others in your field and gain real world experiences. Humans for AI provides a structured development process and enables collaboration with your teammates. We help develop project ideas, and encourage you to get involved.

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In addition to supplementing your resume, working on a Humans for AI project allows you develop real world solutions to the problems we face. Your work will help tackle biases prevalent in developing technologies, and create a better future for everyone.

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If you want to join one of our existing projects or have an idea for a project that you want to lead, sign up here.

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